Introduction to the PHAA

The Pittwater House Alumni Association (PHAA) is an active group of men and women who share a common heritage. The Association was formed in 2011 championed by Dr Nancy Hillier in the Schools’ 50th Anniversary year. The intent was to establish an ever-expanding group of common minded men and women, who will ensure the enduring legacy of the values of the school Founded by Mr Rex Morgan AM M.B.E in 1961.The PHAA provides the critical link between Pittwater House and encompasses its former students, teachers, parents and friends of the school.

Our Vision

Ours is a close knit school with traditional academic and ethical values. The PHAA strives to foster relationships among our Members, the School and the Community and uphold the values of Pittwater House. We seek to encourage our Members as they strive to fulfil their potential in the wider community and as part of the extended Pittwater House family. Finally; we promote the values of Pittwater House providing it with a continuing source of support and encouragement.

PHAA Values & Purpose

Honesty and Integrity - Having the courage to quietly speak the truth without fear or favour

Consideration for Others - Create a sense of community amongst our members. Create a sense of community amongst our members

Maximum Use of Talents - Encourage alumni & current students of Pittwater House to achieve their goals, fulfil their potential and celebrate their achievements.

Flexibility in Thinking - The association will be a conduit for innovation and creativity amongst members to enable a free exchange of ideas that will improve our collective future

Tradition - Create an enduring legacy of school values with an evolving tradition and a secure future

Promoting Democracy - Opportunity for members to have a constructive voice in the school

Structure of the Alumni

The PHAA is an inclusive body. Membership is automatically open to all former students of Pittwater House by invitation. Honorary membership of the PHAA may also bestowed on long serving staff, by invitation. For Pittwater House School leavers, the normal process is for the life membership fee to be offered as part of the final year School fees.

Current Life membership fee is $200.


Annual membership is $25

The PHAA is an Incorporated Association and has its own legal identity separate from The Pittwater House Schools Ltd.

An Association for Everyone

The Pittwater House Alumni Association is ideally suited to foster enduring positive connections, living the schools values and cementing our future. It is an association for everyone, supporting the notion that we become the best we can be. It is therefore fully focused on our collective support and success.

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