Good News for school Alumni parents & student placement fees

05 Aug 2013 14:52 | Shane Williamson

Message from Dr. Nancy Hillier, Principal Pittwater House

Students, past and present, should be the focus of any school. While students are with us every day, it is considerably harder to keep track of graduates.  At Pittwater House we are keen to keep in touch with our Alumni and ensure they still feel part of our wonderful community.

We appreciate that our Alumni help us build our reputation as a great school, through their own success (role models) and through the conversations they have (word of mouth). In a bid to continuously engage with our Alumni and to thank them for their input we are offering graduates a special offer. The Definite Place fee of $1200 has been waived for Alumni. This fee will be waived for each application made i.e. A graduate enrolling three children equals a $3,600 discount on enrollment fees.

As is our motto ‘semper diligens’, Latin for ‘always hardworking’, we continue to work hard to find ways to keep our students (past and present) engaged in the Pittwater House family.

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