New President's message

31 Oct 2015 21:49 | Anthony Buckton (Administrator)

Hi All,

Normally the incoming president sends their message shortly after taking the helm. Well in my case it's taken a bit longer - but it's worked to my advantage.

Before I go much further, I'd like to thank Cathy Player our outgoing president for all of her hard work over the last few years. Cathy has been tireless in her support and enthusiasm for the Alumni and forging the organisation from a group of interested folks into a fully fledged, incorporated organisation. 

I've taken up the helm with a different focus. In my career, I've found that what I know is just as important as who I know. I'd now like to help those younger members of the Pittwater House Alumni find like-minded people and make something happen whether that be a amateur sports team, the supporters crew of a sports team, group of people with a shared hobby through to o a familiar face in a business meeting. 

With a background in 'nerdy' maths and 'geeky' IT, I appreciated smart technical minds but it took me longer to realise, and then develop, the more interpersonal aspects of how you make your way in the world. I'd like to think I can make that a little easier for our Alumni.

My second focus is to draw the Alumni and school together. The Alumni is now a running concern and whilst we're an independant  organisation, we are still very much interwoven in the fabric of the school. I'd like to make sure that we promote each others causes: the school for setting you up in life, the Alumni for helping to realise your potential.

So to you, the network is open. Even if you don't have fond memories of your school days, the bonds you made are almost indelible - so reach out.


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